What is the real cost of living in Long Beach

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Are you considering moving to Long Beach? Have you set the budget and went through your finances? We assume you have done your research about the most suitable neighborhoods for your needs prior to moving locally. However, since Long Beach is one of the most popular moving destinations when it comes to local moves, we are breaking down the real cost of living in Long Beach.

When it comes to finding a decent and reasonably priced living space, you need to keep in mind a certain criteria prior to deciding.
So, when you are choosing your neighborhood, you are choosing a lifestyle.In addition, keep in mind that the rent of certain parts of the town might be on the higher end, as well as the cost of utilities. So, make sure that your earnings are matching the lifestyle you are choosing. Long Beach is famous for homing everyone with a desire to succeed and thrive within the community. There are numerous events throughout the neighbourhood that will bring closer to the culture of Long Beach.

Since Long Beach is in the vicinity of Los Angeles, bear in mind you are still in the near proximity of all of the LA buzz. However,  this means that since you are in the vicinity of more expensive areas, property price is also on the higher end of the spectrum.
So, If you are thinking about purchasing a property or renting one, bear in mind that an average monthly lease for one bedroom apartment goes around $1600 while a two bedroom flats are around $2000. When it comes to the average income one makes in the Long Beach area, we are talking about an average of $50,000. Having that in mind, along with the fact that median home value in this area is $430,000, Long Beach is one of those neighbourhoods that might even offer more than what they are worth for some. Others might find Long Beach as an area that is not suitable for them at this point.  We suggest you check The best things to do in Long Beach to get a better idea of what you are missing out on or getting.

Also, when you are looking at the property prices, check out the utility ones as well. The average cost for one bedroom apartment is $111. In addition, having access to the internet will cost you somewhere between $40 and $70.
Since there is a lot to visit in Long Beach, like Queen Mary or the Aquarium of the Pacific, or Grand Prix, people of Long Beach are destined to commute a lot. Means of transportation seem to eat up our money every month. In order for you to save up on transportation we would highly advise on using bike paths in Long Beach so you could live comfortably instead of using tons on money on fuel. Just please note that you will need to get the licence that will cost you $3. If you are not up for driving around, you should know that monthly transit passes are $62.

However, the biggest issue of the drivers in Long Beach is parking space. Sometimes, parking lots will come at the top of the renting price and some properties might not even have it. So, if you chose to use your own vehicle keep an eye on those parking spaces and parking tickets since they can go up to $60 each. You can consider renting a garage or simply using public transportation or bikes to get moving around the town.
Once you decide you will move to Long Beach, check what is the best way to move here. Choose your local movers, Long Beach movers, to cut down the cost of the move. Since we are located in Long Beach, we will make sure for your first impression of Long Beach to be pleasant. If we need to assist you with packing as well, we will gladly do so.
When you settle down in Long Beach, you will find that living in Long Beach has numerous benefits. The proximity to Los Angeles is keeping you close to all of the buzz of California but the vicinity of the beach provides you the more than necessary peace. Only a few blocks away you will find yourself emerged in the nature of El Dorado Regional park or in the vivacious streets of Naples. So, if you choose to move to Long Beach, you can consider preparing a meal and going to one of the parks you can save up on dining since your daily menu can be around $15.

Also, if you like spending time outdoors you could purchase a yearly pass of only $60. El Dorado Regional Park allows you to use campgrounds, fishing lakes, fitness courses, and many other things with this price. However, if you wish to go out more, Long Beach has you covered. In recent years, the Pike has become a shopping center that attracts local community and bunch of tourists. You can find an abundance of cafes, bars and restaurants along the coast. There is truly something for everyone. No matter the budget you will find a place for you along the shore.
Local community is really open-hearted and open-minded. Recently, Long Beach turned from a dull place to a vibrant melting pot of cultures and events.

So, if you are looking for Long Beach to become your permanent living place, take the next step. Start with planning your relocation, set out a budget and search for jobs in your proximity if needed. There is no need for panic or rush, just type movers near me and once you are ready to move,your dedicated team of movers will assist you with relocating. Since it is difficult to find a stellar rated, trusted and respectable moving service, feel free to reach out to our Customer Satisfaction team and we will assist you with the whole process.