Are You Supposed To Tip Movers?

When it comes to your moving there are many arising questions through the process and you may end up thinking that hiring professional movers is as complicated as moving on your own since there are so many things that you don’t know how to handle. However, after hiring local movers, you’ll see that arranging with them all the details of your relocation will be a piece of cake since they are trained and experienced professionals who have been in the business probably for years and know how to handle every challenge along the way. Still, there is one question that is completely up to you to find an answer for – how much do you tip local movers?

Of course, tipping your professional movers is not obligatory and your local movers will never make you feel like they are expecting any kind of compensation for the services they provide you with. However, you should be aware that tipping is not usually included in the bill and if you are satisfied with the work your professional movers have done, tipping them is probably the best way to show your appreciation and gratitude. People are usually aware of the fact they should tip local movers but are in confusion when it comes to the question of how much do you tip your local movers. According to Google, this is one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to the services of local movers.

That is why we’ve decided to share a few tips with you when it comes to tipping the movers and finally resolve the mystery of how much do you tip local movers. 

When and how to tip local movers?

Before we come to the point and discuss how much do you tip local movers, let’s start with less complicated questions. People are very confused when it comes to tipping professional movers and even a simple situation like this can overwhelm you and make you feel uncomfortable in given circumstances if you don’t know how to approach it well. Being aware that tipping your local movers is something that you are supposed to do if you are satisfied with their assistance, you should think of how much do you tip local movers, but also about when and how to do it. We have the answers to all of these questions. 

The process of relocation begins with your local movers coming to your doorstep, introducing themselves, making final evaluations and signing the contract, packing and moving, disassembling big pieces of furniture, transporting your belongings to the new address, reassembling furniture, and helping you arrange it around the house and finally you making the final notes on the job that professional movers did and saying goodbye. Even though there are many theories that you can find when you write how much to tip movers or when to tip movers, there are some simple guidelines that you can follow and make everything much easier for you. Just consider going to the restaurant, having your goods delivered or your car repaired at handyman, when will you give the people who provide you with their services tip? It is logical to do so after they finish their job, you check that everything’s alright and you know that these people are trustworthy and reliable and deserve to be rewarded for that. It is the same with your professional movers. Even though some people believe that you should give your professional movers a hint about tipping them later or even giving them some small amount of money before they begin as a motivation for better performance, this is not necessary. After your relocation is completed and your local movers are ready to head home, give them the tip they deserve, and save yourself the trouble of overthinking. Besides “How much do you tip local movers?” and “When do you tip local movers?”, one more question that is frequently asked is “How do you tip local movers?”. Some people believe they should give the whole amount of money to the foreman, but our advice is to tip every mover individually. This is the safest way to avoid any potential misunderstanding and show each and every one of your moving team that they did an amazing job and how grateful you are for it.

What are the factors to consider when you’re deciding on a question – how much do you tip local movers? 

Even though moving service is a service like any other and people who provide you with this kind of service deserve a reward, when deciding how much to tip movers you should naturally take into consideration a few things in order to come with the best solution.

The complexity of your relocation should be the first thing to take into consideration when answering a question of how much do you tip local movers. Some moves are a lot more difficult than others and naturally, the effort and time your professional movers have to put into executing these kinds of moving are also bigger. If you have some big and awkwardly shaped pieces of furniture, live in a building without an elevator, don’t have parking space nearby, haven’t prepared your belongings for being packed, etc. you should probably think of tipping your movers a little higher than usual. All these things make your moving significantly more difficult and if your professional movers can flawlessly execute your relocation with all of these challenges along the way, they should be appreciated and rewarded.

Even though the weather forecast is not something that you can control, it can also greatly impact your moving and is the second thing you should take into consideration when thinking about how much to tip movers. Carrying big pieces and heavy boxes around is difficult enough without 95 degrees, heavy rain, or slippery ice. If your local movers are still managing to handle everything well in these circumstances, they definitely deserve to be tipped a bit higher than they would if the conditions were ideal. 

Last but definitely not least thing that you should think about when deciding on how much do you tip local movers is the quality of service your professional movers provided you with. If they really did an outstanding job with every part of your relocation and your moving was fast, efficient, and perfect in every way, you should probably tip your movers a little bit higher than usual. If the service was okay, the work was done properly and you don’t have any complaints there is a regular tip to acknowledge your satisfaction with local movers’ services. Of course, if your professional movers didn’t do their job in such a professional manner, they damaged your furniture, were impolite, took more time than necessary, etc. your tip would probably be lower.

These are the factors that are most important when deciding how much do you tip local movers.

How much do you tip local movers?

Now when we know when and how to tip movers, as well as factors that usually decide on how much do you tip local movers, we can finally cut to the chase and answer the question. There are three answers that you will probably find relevant when it comes to answering the question – how much do you tip local movers. 

The first one is that you should tip approximately $10 per movers for a half-day and $20 for a full day. This is the simplest and most convenient way and if you go by this rule, you won’t make a mistake. However, it is difficult to have one universal formula when you include the factors we talked about.

The second way of choosing how much do you tip local movers is to use a percentage of the cost of your move. The standard range is 5-10% of the cost of your move. Again, this is not the best solution if your moving is more complicated or circumstances are more challenging, but for regular relocations, this is totally fine. We know there is a theory about tipping your professional movers 15-20% of the cost of your move, but rarely anybody would expect you to do that, it is not a restaurant bill, it is thousands of dollars, so don’t listen to everybody and do what you feel is right.

The third way and the one we consider the most convenient to solve the question of how much do you tip local movers is to tip movers per hour. When you tip your movers per hour you can easily calculate everything and you can take all the other factors into consideration. If your professional movers did a satisfactory job, paying $4-5/hour per mover is definitely standard. On the other hand, if your local movers did an outstanding job you can go for $7-8/hour per mover and show them how much you appreciate their effort and hard work. 

At the end of the day, whatever option you choose, your local movers won’t calculate or do complicated math, they’ll be grateful and happy that you are satisfied with the job they’ve done. 

What to do when you are not satisfied with the service of your professional movers?

We know you’re probably here because you are wondering how much do you tip local movers, but you have to think about this as well – what if you are not satisfied with the service that you’ve got?

It happens that professional movers don’t really show their most professional manners and you end up wondering what do to and how to handle this situation. Of course, if any of your belongings get damaged on the way, there is a special procedure to go through, which will be explained before the moving process even begins, but what about tips and attitude towards your movers?  

If your local movers act unprofessionally, don’t execute your relocation in the way they’re supposed to, and don’t show respect for you, your time, and property, why would you feel the need to tip them? There are a few scenarios in which tips are probably not to be expected, which are:

  1. Damage of your belongings due to lack of attention and care
  2. Showing up outside of the scheduled time and taking longer than necessary to finish without a proper reason
  3. Being rude, disrespectful, or impolite in any way
  4. Leaving items behind

Of course, these are the situations that won’t ever happen if you choose your professional movers wisely. When choosing local movers, you have to be very careful and thorough in your research, so you can really find people who are reliable, trustworthy, and capable to deal with your relocation in the most professional and efficient way possible.

What are other ways to show appreciation to your local movers?

Finally, how much do you tip local movers shouldn’t be the only thing you should focus on when your moving day comes. Don’t forget that your local movers are just regular people who will spend the whole day packing, carrying around big pieces of furniture, assembling and disassembling, going up and down the stairs, and giving their best to provide you with flawless service. Showing your professional movers that you are a good host and that you appreciate the time and energy they invest in your moving is something that you should definitely aim for when your moving day comes. Yes, how much to tip movers is important and it means a lot to your movers, but showing them that you care about their well-being is also something that shouldn’t be left out. Ways to do that are really simple:

  1. Providing your professional movers with foods and drinks is definitely something that you should think about when you decide to hire professional movers. Nothing is obligatory, but some things are just natural. Movers are not robots and at some point, they will get hungry and thirsty and we’ll need something to recharge their energy. Think about this in advance and find something suitable to offer to your professional movers so they can take a break and gain energy to finish their job as smoothly as possible.
  2. Making sure that there is always a bathroom available for your professional movers to use.
  3. Finally, something that your local movers will appreciate very much is leaving them some feedback and letting them know how satisfied you actually are with their service. Not only that it means a lot to them, but it also helps other customers gain more confidence to hire them, so it is really a huge favor to them.

We hope we answered your question on how much do you tip local movers and we covered a whole range of questions when it comes to tipping your professional movers. If you’re planning a relocation soon and you are seeking the help of professional movers, Long Beach Movers are more than happy to offer you a free moving quote today and provide you with the most professional and efficient service there is. We are looking forward to hearing from you.