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Do you have an upcoming move soon and need some Long Beach quotes? Don’t worry, we got you! We can help you with everything that you can possibly need regarding moving. Long Beach Movers, aside from having the best affordable movers in LA, can teach you, step by step, how to get the best Long Beach quotes. After reading this blog you will have all the knowledge needed for choosing the right moving company, so let’s get started. 

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Detailed Questions List For Getting Your Long Beach Quote

Questions Related to The Company

How long are you in this business? 

Before getting Long Beach quotes, you need to get to know Long Beach moving companies first. It is important to know a little bit about those professional movers that you’re thinking to hire, before actually hiring them. Ask them simple questions like how long are you in business for, what are your goals, where do you see yourself in a few years… Those simple questions will help you understand people with whom you might hire for the job. 

Are you licensed and insured?

This is maybe the most important question, which you can not skip. You can not put trust into local movers that do not have license and insurance because their business is illegal and they are not reliable. Every good company will have both of those things, and if you come across a company that does not own one of those two things, run and do not look back. 

find professional movers who are licensed and insured

What will this whole process look like?

Your operator should be able to explain to you what this whole process looks like, from the beginning to the very end. This is a great way to find out how good their customer care is. The person that you will be talking to over the phone should be patient and answer all your questions the best possible way they can, without any hesitation. If you feel at any moment that your operator is maybe trying to hide something from you, that is probably because he/she is, so maybe try finding some other movers and packers. 

What if something gets damaged? 

The compensation process is not the same in every moving company, and that is why you need to ask your moving specialist about this issue beforehand. There are some protocols that must be followed, so it is better to be informed about those protocols on time, because items breaking or getting damaged while moving is not that rare. Ask them who you should contact in case something like that happens to you, should you take pictures and send them, what is the best thing to do in those situations? 

What happens if something gets damaged or broken?

Are your movers experienced and trained?

New buildings are being built every day, people are moving more and more often, moving companies have more work now than ever, which leads them into hiring movers who are not well experienced in that particular job, especially during moving season. Market is booming, companies are overbooked, and there is not enough time for training those new people. 

You do not want someone who is on their first day at work to pack up and move your whole home. That is why you need to make sure that movers who you are hiring are both trained and experienced in moving, like Long Beach Movers

Questions Related to Their Moving Services

Can you provide me with this service?

Your moving company should provide you with movers depending on which service you’re looking for, for example if you are moving your office, your chosen company should provide you office movers specifically since moving an office is different from house or apartment moving. There are a lot of companies that say they have professional movers for everything and then they send you apartment movers to move your storage, you should look out for those companies. 

office movers moving your office space

Can I hire partial moving services?

Partial moving services should always be an option since not everyone is willing to pay for full services or just do not have the need for some services like packing. Instead they want to hire movers just for carrying boxes and loading them into the moving vehicle. If your moving company is not offering this option they are scamming you, there is no reason to be obligated to pay for full services if you think that you do not need them. Long Beach Movers will provide you with any partial service that you can possibly need for the best possible prices. 

hiring partial services for loading and unloading a moving truck

Will you be able to create a moving inventory list for me?

Moving inventory lists are a very important part of this move and they require a lot of time to be made. Not everyone has the time, so they are relying on professional movers for this service. If you are looking to hire someone to do this job for you, we would recommend hiring our Long Beach Movers, we will create an inventory list for you as a part of our packing and moving service. 

How will you move some special items?

Some items require special care, like pianos, expensive art, collectibles… Those items can not be moved the same way as your regular items, they need to be packed, secured and transported with special care. You need to make sure that the movers you choose will be able to provide you with that. 

How are you moving special items?

Do you offer assembling and disassembling furniture services?

You must have some big wardrobes, shelves or other bigger furniture that will need to be disassembled in order to go through the door opening. This is not hard to do, but you will need some tools and time to do it, and if you are not someone who is willing to invest time in this, you can always hire moves. Long Beach Movers are offering disassembling and assembling furniture services for free. 

Is there anything you are not willing to move?

There are some items your local movers will not be willing to move, the list of those items is different from company to company. That is why you need to ask your local movers what items they will not move. 

Is tracking my shipment an option? 

Not every company is offering this, actually quite a small number of moving companies are providing this service, but still there is a slight chance, so you should still ask. 

Questions Related to the Cost to Hire Movers

What type of moving estimate will you provide me with?

There are 3 different types of moving estimates: binding, non-binding and binding not-to-exceed estimate. We will tell you a little about each of them, so that you would be informed before hiring movers.

  • Binding estimates mean that the price you get will be your final cost to hire movers. This has both a good and bad side to it. In case your move turns out to be more expensive than the predicted estimate that your professional movers gave you, they will still have to charge you the original price, but in case your items weigh less than expected, you will still have to pay the full price. 
  • Non-binding estimates are maybe the most accurate ones, it still depends on how much your belongings are going to weigh, your local movers and their special equipment. When you get this estimate it does not necessarily mean that price will be a final one, it can be less or more, but according to FMSA, professional movers can not charge you more than 110% of the estimate that they provided you with at the beginning. 
  • Binding not-to-exceed estimates is probably the best because your movers can not charge you more than they originally said, but in case your items end up weighing less than expected, they will charge you less than you originally thought you would be paying. 

What does this price include?

It is important to know what exactly you will be paying. For instance if you hired packers and movers, you expect that price to include packing and moving services with all moving equipment, but some local movers are charging extra for that equipment. That is why it is so important to ask what that price includes, because it is not rare to happen that some services you were expecting are not coming with that price. 

Will there be any extra charges?

Extra charges are a very common thing for moving companies, they can literally charge you for anything: insurance, professional equipment, stairs, fuel, even bad weather. You do not want to find yourself in a situation where you will not have enough money to pay for services because some extra charges have appeared. 

man looking through his wallet

What is your cancellation policy?

Every moving company has a cancellation policy, and it is different from company to company, which is why you should be informed about your company’s cancellation policy before hiring movers. Yes, you are not expecting to cancel your move, but you never know what might happen, you know how they say, it is better to be safe than sorry. 

What payment options are you offering?

Most companies are offering both paying with cash and credit card, but you should still ask to make sure you avoid any awkward situations, in case they are not offering one of the payment options. 

paying movers with credit card

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